Casas Hikers

We are an active, family friendly group who like to connect with God while exploring the beautiful landscapes He created in Arizona. This group is about connecting with each other and with God by being active in His wilderness.

Our goal is for participants to find the method of connection that works for them. Being in nature can inspire thought, prayer, and understanding in the most unexpected ways.  All ages are welcome (anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian). 

In addition to our hikes, we have planning meetings to share our hiking experiences, go over trail maps, and plan future hikes.

For more information, please email the group leader, Teri, at  You can also join our Facebook page, Casas Hikers, to see what's coming up and photos from past events!

Important Safety Tips:

Hiking in the desert can be inspiring, moving and also dangerous. It is important that you come prepared with the following so that you can safely enjoy your time to connect:

  • WATER!! This is the desert people! Water is vital.

  • Sturdy shoes (preferably hiking shoes)

  • Comfy clothes. Layers are very important as temperatures can change in an instant depending on the weather. Bring a light pack and have bring some “just in case” layers, like a rain jacket, extra socks and a long sleeve shirt.

  • Snacks. Depending on the length of the hike, it is a really good idea to have some food on hand. Good options are: trail mix, granola bars, jerky, nuts, pretzels.

  • Water…did I mention water?

  • Hiking poles. If you are participating in a more challenging hike, these can make all the difference for your back and your knees.

  • Sun protection and Sunscreen. This is not just about protecting your skin (though it is lovely, so take care of it). Hats, sunglasses and long sleeves/pants can actually help you stay cooler by keeping the sun’s rays off you.

  • Backpack/Fanny Pack. If your pack has a water bladder in it (Camelbak) even better. You’ll want to have a place to carry your stuff. Don’t worry, fanny packs are still cool when your on the trails.

  • Phone. As long as we are somewhere with service, this could be a life saver. But let’s be honest…you’ll mostly use it for taking pictures.

  • A Friend! Hiking alone can be an incredible way to connect with yourself and with God. It can also be risky if something happens. Casas Climbers is all about the connecting, not so much the risk; so bring a friend the keep you company. Even better, make a new friend in the group and stick together.

  • Gatorade…in case you don’t like water.

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