Mama Meet-Up

Are you a mother with young children looking for an opportunity to connect with other moms? Do you sometimes need a break and time just to talk with other women? We are a group of women connecting through the common bonds of motherhood, that are devoted to kindness, respect, encouragement, and support of each other and our children through the love of Christ.

Our once a month Mom's Night Out offers a refreshing night away and some genuine mom-to-mom time, while our weekly Play Dates promote social connection time for moms and their kids. Please email our group leaders at to be added to the Facebook group or email list for meet-up times and locations.

Play dates are every Monday morning around 9:00 a.m. at various parks, splash pads, etc. and we welcome suggestions for new and kid friendly locations to meet.  Come every week or just when if fits your schedule!  Hope to meet you soon!!!

If you would like the group's leader to contact you, please fill out the following information and click the "Submit" button.

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