Married With Children

Are you a married couple in your 30s (ish) with small children looking to meet friends in the same stage of life? Are you interested in growing together in your faith as you share conversations and experiences about marriage, parenting, and family, all in a fun environment? Then this Connect Group is for you.

Married With Children is a small group of friends who meet for conversation and socializing once or twice a month.  For some events, we share the cost of a babysitter so we can spend time together just as couples. We also do other activities throughout the year.

To keep the group size small, there are multiple Married With Children groups.  These groups meet at different times throughout the month.

If you are interesting in meeting us to see if this group might be just the one you're looking for, please contact Aimee and Nathan for more info:

You can also fill out and submit the form below and Aimee and Nathan will get in touch with you.

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