Sharing a Table - Wine and Food Pairing

Do you enjoy a glass of great wine with your meal? Do you want to experiment and learn how to pair different wines with food to bring out the perfect flavor of both? Do you want to meet with other wine and food lovers and share those experiences? Then this group is for you!

We are a group of adults of all ages and backgrounds who get together once a month to share a table of wine and appetizers. Sometimes we go out for tastings or other wine-centered events, but most of our evenings together are spent in someone's home where each person brings a different bottle of the same type of wine along with an appetizer. We sample each of the wines and appetizers, looking for the best blend of flavors while learning about that particular wine. Anyone of legal drinking age is welcome. All you need is a love of wine and food!

Meetings are once a month on a Friday at 6:00 pm.  Each meeting will feature a different wine.  Meeting date and time will be sent out a few weeks in advance.  Please bring a bottle (not priced more than $15) and an appetizer to share that pairs with the wine.  For more info about the group including more details on our next meeting, please contact the leaders, Jeanette and Gary Sawyer, at or 520-308-4136. See you soon!

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